More On Cutters

All of the cutters ( with the exception of the first model box ) were packed in a wooden case. The case held the 9 standard cutters only and did not hold the slitter cutter nor the filletster bed cutter. The slitting cutter was adjusted out of the way and the filletster cutter of course stayed on the removeable bed piece. I should mention that the filletster bed has a small nicker cutter fitted into a dovetailed notch on its right side, it was wedge fitted and is many times missing.

 Cutter Box ( Standard )

This was the standard style box shipped with the set of cutters. It has 2 small brass hooks to secure the lid, which has what appear to be U-shaped nails as the receiver's for the brass hooks. The box top and bottom are one piece of wood dadoed through the center to accept the cutters. The end of each dado is filled with a narrow slat pinned in place to form an enclosed box. There is an additional pin driven through to help hold the tongueing cutter uprite.


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