Miller's Plane Patent Model

This is where it all started, the patent model for the Miller's Patent Plane. This plane is believed to have been Charles Miller's personal patent model, it matches the the patent drawings and is the only one known to exist. There are some considerable differences between this plane and the actual planes Stanley produced which is obvious. What is interesting to note is that the engravings of the Miller's Patent Planes in the Stanley Rule & Level Catalog show features in construction that are only evident on this plane and never made it to production. The Miller's Patent stamp is located in three places on this plane, but not where it appeared on the production planes ( the tote ). Allthough very different in construction it is just as beautiful to look at and employs the best materials of the time, gunmetal, ivory, and ebony.

 Compare the shape of the sides of this catalog image of the filletster bed to the patent model. As you can see they match, the production plane is very different. This would say that the artist had something in front of him that could only have been derived from this plane.

 Here as well is a noted similarity betwen this image and the patent model. Look at the tote, it shows the casting extending over the top of the tote. This was not the case on the production planes but is evident here on the patent model. Missing as well is the famous "hook" found on the type one planes. The cutter clamp screw is dished in the center just as on the patent model. The screw slots in the skate go straight back, not up at an angle.  

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