#141 Type 3 ( 1892-1907 ?)

The type 3 #141 carries all the same major features as the type 9 #41 except for the obvious bullnose feature, and the fact that the #41-#44 series ended in 1897. No formal type study has been performed on the bullnose series of planes, as information is gathered it will be added to make this site more accurate. It should be stated that the trademark on the skate of the early bullnose planes is a 3 line trade mark and reads as follows "STANLEY RULE", "& LEVEL CO.", "PAT MAY 18, 1886". The third line is the addition of the patent date for the bullnose feature, assigned to Justus Trout. The next change I am aware of in the trademark is the stylized Stanley Trademark, which was not incorporated until 1910. If you are aware of an additional trademark in between these two I would like to here of it, please email me with the details and I will add to the study.

 #141 Type 3

Lets review the key features, "Stanley" cast into 4 hole fence. Entire plane is nickel plated. Three line trademark on the skate. Wing nuts for holding the depth stops. Plane has 2 interchangeable nose pieces. Shallow cast filigree on the body. Plane follows the same type features as a type 9 #41 for dating purposes.


 #141 Type 3 Right View

Here you can see all the various small parts, note that they are all nickel plated.


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