#143 (1935-1943)

This is the end of the line for the Miller's Patent Planes, the last model #143 bullnose plow plane. This plane is the only plane to have its model number cast into the body. With this last model the fence has the words "Made in USA" cast into it. The tote is held with two pins, this is unusual from an evolution standpoint in that the two pin tote was dropped very early on due to splitting. The location of the pins is further out than before and seems to work since most appear intact. Their is no fillegree on the fence and it has a rosewood facing. These planes shipped with 9 cutters as with earlier models and are 1/8" thick and packed in a wood case. The box is pasteboard in construction as is the case with all planes of this date produced by Stanley. The bullnose piece is the most fequently missing part of these planes, getting one with a plane is a definite plus. The catalogs show the fillegree as being omitted from the body, however none are known to exist in this configuration.

 #143 Last Model

This image shows the plane with the bullnose piece in place. The hole in the removeable nose pieces are threaded which accept and hold the front rod, the hole in the body is not threaded. This plane also has the last SW trademark on the skate.

 This image shows the 143 with the standard nose piece in place and the bullnose piece in the foreground. This fine example still has it's orignial box and instruction sheet.


Original instruction sheet, just a little short on instruction I would say. 

 This is a good close up of the original box and label, as you can see they continued to use the old labels which show the old style 4 hole fence with filligree and side wrap around arms. If the detail was greater in this image you would see that the plane in the picture on the label has holes in the skate. The #141 was discontinued in 1918, many planes assumed to be #141's with missing filletster beds have the SW trademark on the skate which did not come into use until 1920. Thus any bullnose plane with holes in the skate should be correct and proper #143's using the TM time line.

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