The Type 3 Planes (1874)

There are very minor differences between the type 3 planes and the type 2 planes. The one feature of note is that the cutter clamp chip deflector locking screw now has just 2 knurlings, the top is flat, the center screw has a round head. The trademark is now on two lines, many type 2 planes have been observed with this feature (another gray area when dating a tool). The lower horn of the tote is less pronounced.

 #42 Type 3 (1874)

This superb example is in mint condition, with the original lacquer still on the skate (note discoloration). The flat top of the cutter clamp screw is evident in the photo.


 #43 Type 3 (1874)

Here you will notice the new style fence introduced with type 2 planes. Construction is all cast iron with japanned body and fence. There are no holes in the skate for attaching a filletster bed. The arms of the fence are now short.

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