Type 8 planes (1888-1892)

The only significant change brought with the type 8 planes is the addition of the Stanley name cast into the center of the 4 hole fence. Later examples will have a shorter foot on the cast brass depth stop. Other planes in the Stanley line also incorporated the Stanley name cast into some portion of the fence or body by this time, obviously they were pushing for name recognition.

 #41 Type 8 (1888-1892)

As you can see the Stanley name is boldly visible on the fence of this plane. I should also mention that at some point into production of the type 7 and 8 planes that Stanley started to mount the tote by only inserting the single pin 2/3's of the way through. Thus there is no hole on the opposite side. There is no consistency in which side they inserted it from, I have included an image of a type 7 for fence and pin comparison. I believe that the tote was less likely to split from stress or shrinkage with more wood to support it using just one pin part way through.


 Type 7 #41 for comparison

Here you can see the ivy pattern goes completely across the fence. The pin is not visible here because it comes in from the other side. Repairing one of these totes can be a challenge, the pin cannot be driven out from the other side.

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