The Type 9 Planes (1892-1897)

This is the final offering of the Miller's Patents (almost), the line was discontinued in 1897. The exception is of course the bullnose version of these planes, they had different number designations so it would be more appropriate to say the series #41 through #44 were discontinued. The significant difference with this final type is the change from japanning to nickel plating. The entire body, fence and filletster bed (if included) are nickel plated. The exception here would be the #42 which still has a gunmetal body, the fence and filletster bed are nickel. I am not aware of the #44 in this last type, and would appreciate learning of any examples. The other significant change is the use of wing nuts instead of round nuts for securing the depth stops and slitter. The #41 and #43 also had their accompanying brass components nickel plated as well, the example of the #42 below shows that its various small parts were not plated (wing nuts, screws, cutter clamp, depth stops etc..)

 #42 type 9 (1882-1897)

I have left these images large for clarity. The skate on this plane also is nickel plated which validates it being a type 9 and not a "married" plane. This last type #42 is very scarce and I would like to hear of others if you know of them. I am not aware of any 4 hole fences in gunmetal, though I have heard rumors. This plane is in excellent condition, many type 9 planes exhibit significant loss of the nickel plating.


 #42 Type 9 right view.

Here you can see the various parts that are not plated, wing nuts, depth stop, cutter clamp chip deflector locking screw and of course the body.


 #43 Type 9

This is the scarce last model of the #43 plane. The entire plane is nickel plated. These planes rarely show up and may be almost as rare as a number 44.


 #43 Type 9 right view.

Here is agood view of the frame showing the depth stops and slitter. Notice that the front depth stop foot is slightly shorter, (which is a carry over from the type 8), the difference on this model is that it is nickel plated.


 #41 Type 9 (1892-1897)

Here is a good view of this #41, as you can see all the various parts are nickel plated.


#41 Type 9 right view. 

Another good view of this plane. As is plainly visible the wing nuts are nickel plated. This plane is missing the cast depth stop up front and has the pressed steel one in its place, were it to be there it would be nickeled as well. You can note here as well the wear to the plating on the fence, that yellow color is coming from the under coat of copper plating that is applied prior to nickel plating. This is often confused with gun metal when the entire plane shows heave nickel loss.


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