Type 4 Planes (1875-1876)

The type 4 planes exhibit several changes in the various parts of the plane over the previous production years. The most obvious change is to the fence thumbscrews, this change was to have actually occurred in 1875 which would type out as a 3A. Based on the number of examples observed, I believe that the type 3a was of limited duration, the type 4 planes are much more plentiful and the number of examples would indicate that they were produced in that configuration for more than 1 year. I tend to lump the 3a and 4 together, their similarities are so close that I don't believe it rates having two types. As for the thumbscrews, they are now of one piece construction (all brass) and "not" slotted. The cutter clamp screw head now has a flat top. The chip deflector portion of the cutter clamp/chip deflector is now 13/16" wide, which would provide better chip clearing. Many filletster model planes now have two fences, the standard wrap around fence and the short arm fence typically found on the #43 plane. One #42 gunmetal model has been observed with a gunmetal second fence, normally found on the #44 plane. For all purposes the second fence is always cast iron and japanned. It is believed that this fence was an option from Stanley though no catalogs have shown it. The spacing for the holes in the fences vary considerably, thus one can assume that it would have to have been supplied at the factory in order to fit properly.

 #41 Type 4 (1876)

Visible on this specimen are the one piece thumbscrews and elongated cutter clamp chip deflector. The screws that fasten the deflector/clamp are 1/4 inch diameter with a slight crown to the head.


 41 Type 4, right side view


 #44 Type 4

Here is an example of the elusive number 44. One of the scarcest models to find. The body and fence of this plane are constructed of gunmetal. The 44 shares the same features of the #43 except for the type of metal used. This model plane was not japaned. No type 1 versions of this plane have been found that I am aware of, if you know of one I would be pleased to here about it.


 #44 right side view.


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