Type 7 Planes (1887-1888)

The type 7 planes bring a major redesign to the standard fence supplied with the 41 and 42 planes, and elimination of the extra fence. The redesigned fence incorporates a 4 hole feature that allows for two vertical positions. The arms now wrap around the sides of the filletster bed. The top set of holes allow the fence to slide over the filletster bed. The lower set of holes put the fence in the position normally taken by the extra fence. From a usage point of view it is an excellent design, however from a strength stand point it is inherently weak and many are found broken and or rewelded. Inspect the lower portion of the arms carefully when considering a purchase of this and later types. The screws holding the fence are now larger, have screwdriver slots and slightly conical ends so as to not mar the rods. All other features match that of the type 6.

 #41 Type 7 (1887-1888)

Although this and subsequent types were produced more recently than the earlier types, they appear to be scarcer than the planes with the standard wrap around fence. This is probably due to the introduction of the #45 in 1884-85. The 1888 January catalog lists the #45 at a cost of $8.00 where a #43 was $7.00, the#44 $10.00, the #41 $9.00, and the #42 at a whopping $12.00, half again as much as the price for a 45. Given a choice most craftsmen would choose the 45 just because of the 18 cutters it shipped with and the ability to purchase additional special cutters.


 #41 Type 7 right view.


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